Failure isn - t fatal

Failure isn - t fatal

Failure isn't fatal

Making a failing grade or even failing a subject does not make one a failure. The great football coach Don Shula of the 1972 Miami Dolphins team who went 17-0 and won the Super Bowl (the only NFL team in the modern Super Bowl era to do so) made the quote 'failure isn't fatal nor is success forever'. The key to being successful is to work hard, learn from your mistakes and take personal responsibility for learning. If you make a failing grade then meet with your instructor to review your mistakes and find out what you can do to correct them, next create a plan or strategy to study the material that you were not as strong at and make plans to learn it thoroughly.

Enlisting the aid of a tutor or someone more knowledgeable about the the material than yourself is a step in the right direction. A study group or a study session with classmates is a good plan and can assist you in becoming more comfortable with the material. Don't wait until the last minute to study but rather begin with short reviews after class and 30 to 40 minute daily reviews can go a long way toward your success and mastery of any subject.

So stop beating yourself up if you have failed but rather re-direct your energies into formulating a plan using some of the ideas mentioned above and see yourself not just passing but 'mastering' that subject!

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